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Being A Christian Writer When You Don't Write for the Christian Community

Today we are discussing a topic that has been on my mind over the last couple months. As a Christian who is also a writer, it's something I have struggled with - especially in my later career. It's an age-old question in faith-circles, should I only be writing "Christian" work? Am I doing something "wrong" or "bad" if not? Should I only be writing allegories, Biblical retellings, and Amish romance fiction???

  Fortunately, I believe I have the answer. And the answer (thank goodness) is a resounding

  Here's why...

  If you're a writer, especially a young writer, who is also a Christian, especially a Christian who is or is from a conservative, tight-knit community (read: Homeschoolers, haha) then you have probably - at some point in your writing career - taken a step back to decide what kind of writing you want to do. Maybe you've felt the well-meaning pressure from the godly influences in your life (parents, pastors, mentors, etc)…

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