About Me


 Hello! I'm Emily. 

I have yellow hair, green eyes, and a resting bitch face to the tenth power. I'm that quiet girl in the corner who is probably insane. 

I am a 19 year old INFJ with a desperate urge to create through writing, art and photography. A lover of horses and mountains, obsessed with Tolkien, Marvel and misc. fictional worlds. 

I write books. Fantasy, fairy-tale, dystopia, contemporary, and basically anything that catches my fancy and helps me to delve into the tragedies and glories of the human condition.

I'm a sucker for angst and am the kind of writer who puts my characters through everything short of hell to draw it out. I have been accused of being sadistic (accusations never truly confirmed)

I was born and have lived in a close-knit farming community of rural Alberta, Canada all my life. I was homeschooled from kindergarten through grade 12 with a brief stint in public school for three years. I am a tomboy and country girl through and through but my overactive imagination and restless spirit are leading me out of the womb-like world I know into the much bigger world beyond. 

Aside from writing, I also love to read, draw or paint, take photos, ride horses, go hiking in the Rockies, run around barefoot, climb trees, sing, line-dance with fellow homeschoolers at various family/community functions and fangirl about my favorite things. 

I might just be obsessed with Tolkien, horses, junk food, exploring, buying books, comic characters, collecting music from my favorite bands, creating worlds, photo-editing and a great too many other things. It's a little bit disturbing.

I believe in an amazing Creator, a loving God who gave his life for mine. 

Currently experiencing life on fast-forward as I move into 2017. With three manuscripts under my belt and one getting closer and closer to publication I am getting more and more excited to become a new author. Along with that, I am on the last phase of my University of Calgary Continuing Education Creative Writing certificate and am working hard to obtain that by next summer. Plus preparing for my wedding in August (scaryness!) and the rest of regular life while trying to make new memories and have new adventures.

Thank you for visiting me as I blog about my writing journey! Take a moment if you can to stop and leave a comment - I want to get to know you. I am always curious to meet fellow writers and bloggers and learn from their experiences. 

"Live! Live the wonderful life that is in you! Let nothing be lost upon you. Be always searching for new sensations. Be afraid of nothing." 
- Oscar Wilde


  1. Hey, nice blog! You are definitely one cool girl ;)

    1. Thanks! Haha, good to see you on here. :)

  2. Oh my word, so I'm going to do a list like you did on my blog (but I'm only going to do the stuff we haven't said already).
    Quiet girl in the corner? Check.
    Loves horses? Check.
    Loves the mountains? Check.
    Likes to run around barefoot? Check.
    Likes to climb trees? Check.
    I'm pretty much a tomboy. My eyes are blue not green (I absolutely loove green eyes though), but that doesn't mean we aren't twins. And, I can't say that I'm getting married, but congratulations! :D

    1. Awesomesauce!! Haha, that's all so cool. Climbing trees is honestly the best and more people should be doing it. Trees were meant to be climbed.
      Thank you so much - I am quite excited!